Turkey, stuffing, applesauce. Unsweetened applesauce is 0 points; cranberry sauce is 7.

Of course, stuffing is a lot of points. It’s just harder to resist than cranberry sauce, I guess.

It’s my favorite part of Thanksgiving, the stuffing. Come on! Bread? Seasoning? Butter??

Also, I ate a lot of it.

But I threw out the rest, because I knew only I would eat it.

This post is so exciting it’s scaring me.

I did order an iPhone 11, though, and a nifty blue Punkcase, to match my eyes. No. But it is blue.

It was on super, super, Black Friday sale.

And I hate my current phone. I hate it! The screen goes dark when I’m talking! Won’t come back on.

There’s a possibility I’m not as good with money as I used to be.

But I need a functional phone. And the kids need presents. And we needed groceries.

There is a bonus coming in December, at which time I will get my lights fixed. But right now they still work; they’re just cracked…and I don’t actually have enough for them, yet.

But I had enough for the other stuff.

It needs to be a good Christmas…it just does.

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