Good morning. I got up when Desmond came down here. I was just lying there, daydreaming for what only seemed like a few minutes, but the clock said 5:51.

Maybe my actual dreams are starting to resemble my daydreams. Cool.

Anyway, I hope you all had a nice holiday. Mine was good. Everyone got along. We missed Mom, though, but we’re doing Christmas with her.

It concerns me that accounts can’t be content specific. Why is the TV not smart enough to filter out R-rated movie previews for Desmond?

I guess if we select that setting, then Derek can’t access his content.

But doesn’t it seem like there should be a way to do it only for the kids?

There probably is and we just don’t know how.

I hate my phone. It is an iPhone XR, and it sucks. It is the worst. The screen blacks out when I’m talking on the phone.

I’ve struggled with this one long enough. Time for an upgrade, I think. If I can get the financing.

I momentarily considered switching to Android yesterday, but I don’t think so. iPhones are all I know.

I don’t have to have the newest edition—obviously. I just need one that works well and feels good in my hand. My stepmother recommended 13. 11 and 12 are supposed to be good, too.

Time to go do some searching.

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