Leah Rambles On

I always talk about how good I am at sensing attraction from other people. But I’m afraid when it comes to that sort of thing, I was a neon sign, myself.

I would grin ear-to-ear, giggle about nothing, play with my hair, blush, and flirt my brains out. I had used a lot of adverbs here, and I am proud to say I eliminated all of them.

According to Stephen King, adverbs are the mark of an amateur who isn’t confident enough in the strength or quality of his or her writing to adequately convey meaning without frilly, excessive words.

J.K. Rowling, though I love the stories themselves, uses a ridiculous amount of adverbs, to the point that it’s annoying and totally distracts from the stories.

Did I get it right, Steven King? Did I do it justice?

I am not a reader of Steven King, as I do not like horror. But I do love his book, On Writing.

I seem to prefer nonfiction, self-help-type books, though I do agree they are formulaic. Also psychology, which I guess is a close relative of self-help. I used to purposefully “forget” to bring my flute to band practice so I could spend the entire period reading my upperclassman friend’s psychology textbook.

People fascinate me.

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