I followed up with HR about the DISC today. I haven’t gotten it, yet. I have taken one before, but I don’t have a full report.

I haven’t actually read the report I have, at least, not since I took the test. I love personality tests, though. I always score in the least common personality type, which I consider an asset.

Also, I did not score the same as the CEO. He is an “I.”

I’m not telling what I did get, yet.

I think my hair came out well today. It parted differently than usual. We can pretend I had something to do with it, but I’m not kidding anyone, it does what it wants.

I also think I look good, which is unusual for me. I just hope I actually do!

This day is kind of dragging. It’s the day before a holiday, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

Five more minutes.

I need to clean the tub upstairs. Even the small tub felt kind of good last night. The big one will feel like heaven on my achy body.

Got to go. Talk later.

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