Day Before Thanksgiving

Last night wasn’t terrible. I didn’t track everything, though.

I’m not worried about Thursday. I always just take small portions of the high-point foods. I think there will be three desserts, though. That could pose a problem.

Unless I take maybe a two-bite sampler of each. They say the best part of desserts are the first two bites. Make people take stuff home with them.

My dad, stepmom, and brother, Erik are coming up. Should be good. Erik is so stinkin’ funny, he always has been able to crack me up.

I have to leave for work early today to get my early morning coffee. I ran out of creamer, didn’t bother to go back out last night and had to substitute with my unsweetened almond milk. It tastes like sh—.

Which means I should get up from my chair in about six minutes.

I didn’t sleep well. Was up, thinking.

Have a good day before Thanksgiving, my American friends. I hope most of you have Friday off, as well. Thanks for reading.

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