The Age Mystery

I like to know how old people are. It’s obnoxious and nosy of me, but I still like to know.

It bothers me when I don’t know.

I’m also a terrible judge of age. I thought the previous WH supervisor was 27. He is, like, my age. Maybe even a little older.

I know how old Rick is. I know how old A. and Other E. are. I know how old the kid is. My little friend in the SWH.

I don’t know how old P. is, but I know he’s been here since 1971, and that’s good enough.

I do not know how old D. is (around my age?). I don’t really know him, anyway.

I do not know how old my upstairs friend is. I know he can’t be far from my age because one time he made a comment, and followed it up with: “NOT.”

“NOT” was a huge deal when I was in middle school.

There is something else that gives me the idea we are relatively close in age, but I either can’t put my finger on it or simply don’t remember what it was.

I would guess somewhere between 42-47. I realize that is very specific. But I’m usually a terrible guesser, so I don’t know.

I think I’m going to be a total dick and just ask. Because it’s bothering me. I want to know.

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