Accommodations for Short People

The giant, corrugated cardboard bins of foam pieces that I use to fill boxes are so deep inside that I have almost fallen in, before. So Rick cut openings in a couple of the bins so that I could reach the foam at the bottom of the bins.

I was going to call this the Leah Hole, before my better judgement got hold of me and shook me vigorously by the shoulders. Then bitch-slapped me.

The Leah Window sounds better, anyway.

I tried to make another Leah Window today, and that’s when I realized how difficult it was. Especially without proper cutting tools. You really need a saw to get through cardboard that thick. Or a machete.

And it just made me think how kind of him it was, to do that for me.

And it made me miss him.

And then I remembered how Upstairs E. started a scratchy foam bin for me, when I needed a place to store my scratchy foam.

And that made me miss him, too.

I like the kid, but it’s never going to be the same.

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