A Bit Nippy (Or the Other Thing People Say)

I bought these gloves on line, 100% cashmere. They’re supposed to be good for texting? They all say that, but it’s never true. These were no exception. But they’re really warm and soft, and warmth helps. So I might keep them.

I did take a bath last night. But the tub was even smaller than I remembered (I think the last time I tried to lay in it, I was pregnant with Aislyn), and the whole top half of me was out of the water. So, while my hands got some nice, soothing relief, needless to say, the rest of me was cold. But that’s okay. It was totally worth it.

The upstairs tub is much larger and deeper, and has a Jacuzzi function. My whole body fits in it. It just needs to be cleaned.

Some people think baths are gross, that it’s like stewing in your own filth. But I’m not that dirty.

If I think about it too much, it starts to gross me out, too, though. Is that weird?

I hope today is better. I feel better.

I did not get on the scale, because I thought a higher number than I wanted might bring me down.

I’m dressed nice, and I’m just hoping nobody notices the lack of Velveeta. Some of those production women, I’m told, will rat you out for anything. To the point that their supervisors get visibly upset with them for being so petty.

But I’m not in production, anymore. Maybe the rules are different. They don’t know.

I used to actually think they were. It looked to me like the WH was a free for all as far as dress was concerned. But now I kind of see. It’s the supervisors who have the freedom to choose; not really the handlers, so much.

I’m told you dress for the job you want, though.

Anyway, I have to go. Have a good morning and a warm commute. Stay safe.

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