Bath Time?

Today was not exceptional. I stayed busy all day, and I haven’t overeaten as of 4:45. But it was just meh.

I’m glad to be home in my chair.

I got two heating pads at Marshall’s: one for each hand. I really feel like I need them today.

Maybe I’ll take a bath tonight.

The problem with the upstairs tub is that it needs to be cleaned.

The problem with the downstairs tub is that it is small, and parts of me stick out of the water. 😳

And, no, bubbles do not help to obscure anything. Just make things…well, soapy.

But at least I could keep my hands submerged.

I dunno. It might still be worth a shot, anyway.

I’d include a selfie, but, you know, I’m a little camera shy.

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