Playground in November


Cold selfie
Happy Aislyn
Funny face

Henry Law Park.

We are 10 minutes in and she’s already met a friend.

It’s not that cold, really. I am dressed warmly. I wish I had a hot coffee, though. All I have is a giant empty metal soda cup.

I might take her to Lickees and Chewies. She’s been asking for ice cream for weeks. I’m afraid I’ll get ice cream if I go there, though. And I’m meeting my friend later.

I am too old to be going out at 4:15 pm on a Saturday night. Wait…is that the most pathetic thing you’ve ever heard in your life?

I’m totally tired, though. I so rarely go out at night. What, I have little kids! Alright, one little kid. And a middler, I guess. He’s too young to be a tween, right? But he’s not really little, anymore. He’ll be double digits in a few months.

I still can’t get over how handsome he is. He doesn’t like it when you call him handsome, though. And not interested in girls, yet.

My screen keeps going black because I’m typing and watching, typing and watching.

I am hungry, but they’re having fun.

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