Shoulda Coulda Woulda

It’s been a slow day, but I haven’t really noticed. I’ve had stuff to do. Mazda boxes, mostly.

The kid told me if you yank the foam out of the hat, it fits better. So I tried that, and it does fit better, but it still falls off if I tilt my head back enough.

Just goes to show, you can learn something new even from the new kid.

I’m glad we get along. I miss Rick, though. And my upstairs friend. They really both had my back. And I never really said anything to indicate how much I appreciated it. I should’ve.

I should.

At least I still see my upstairs friend sometimes. He seems happy. It’s nice to know things are probably pretty good, up there. Well, at least in IT, I guess. It’s pretty unlikely they would ever put me there. Unless they needed administrative support or something.

I have safety committee today. If I’d known, I woulda dressed differently. Will have to zip up my fleece all the way. Oh, well.

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