Old Habits Die Hard

I’m wearing what I want today. I have Rick’s old jacket I can hide under, if I have to.

And he’s retired, now, so I feel like I can call him who he is and it’s probably okay.

Aislyn is up. She wet the bed. I think she’s afraid to get up at night and walk down the dark hallway to the bathroom. Her room is downstairs.

We put a night light in the hall, but it’s still dark down here. I’m thinking maybe we leave the hall light on for her?

She’ll love it when she’s a teenager and wants to sneak out with her friends. I wasn’t really like that, growing up, but I wouldn’t be surprised, because I think she’s going to be popular and she has a rebellious streak.

I’m almost wondering if we shouldn’t swap bedrooms with her. She’d have direct access to a bathroom, that way. Maybe we could put a wall in there so Derek could still have an office.

Neither of us are handy that way, though.

Got to go. Have a good morning, enjoy your commute. Thanks for reading.

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