Late Late Late

I was 7 minutes late today. Aislyn being up does set me back. It happened before. I think it’s just because she is more important to me than my points balance. So I take longer than I know I should.

I’m not back door bragging about my devotion to my kids. That’s anyone, right? You do whatever you have to to try to make things better for them. ‘Course, that 4% bonus or whatever it is for 0 points wouldn’t hurt ‘em a bit, would it? Oh, well.

I got Gabby’s Dollhouse for Aislyn for Christmas.

I’m not sure if Desmond still believes, but I know Elf on the Shelf freaks him out, at least as of last year.

Terrible night last night. I gorged on sweets. Today will be better. It has to.

Well, I’m officially in the system now as a material handler. That’s what it says. It no longer says production.

And, now the quiz pops up for me, too. I got an 89% on my first try. But it doesn’t tell you which answers you got right or wrong. So how does one improve their knowledge?

I wonder who fixed my quiz glitch…

Time to go. Talk soon.

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