Decisions, Decisions

I slept in a little. I’m still in my pjs. I feel like I could lie down and go back to sleep, but the kids will be up soon.

I’m not sure how it works when your child is sick. Does it count as a sick day? Personal day? I don’t know.

Poor thing. She was miserable last night.

The cats are in the kitchen, making a racket doing God knows what. Our toilet continues to run all by itself, jacking up our water bill. Just what we need.

Overtime looks like it’s becoming mandatory about one Saturday a month. But maybe that won’t be the worst thing. We could really use it.

I’m still not sure which way I’m leaning on that extra half hour. It would be easy to say 5:30, because I’m already up, but I need that extra time for my light. Yesterday, though, somehow, I still had enough time.

I got home about 3:05, maybe 3:07, yesterday. So I’m pretty sure I’d have time even if I stayed until 2:30.

One of my coworkers comes in later and leaves later. So there must be some flexibility.

I think Shane is stalking Finnigan. I don’t like it when he does this, and I try to prevent it, but obviously it’s not always preventable.

I’m going to lie back down until the kids are up. Goodnight, my readers ❤️

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