Looking Like 2:30

I don’t think I can get up any earlier. Sure, I’ve gotten up at 3:30 before, but that was to go to the bathroom, or I already couldn’t sleep.

Technically, I could get to work by 5:30, but I wouldn’t have time for light box. And it’s best to do it first thing.

If I left at 5:00, though? That would still give me 20 minutes of light. But it’s supposed to be 30, minimum, I think.

I don’t know. 3 of 5 days, 2:30 or even later would be absolutely fine, albeit long. I know it would help out second shift, if I stayed.

And I think it would probably be fine the other two days as long as I didn’t dawdle. As long as I left right at 2:30.

But I don’t know. When do I ever leave right on time?

If I go in early I’m working with M. If I stay late I’m with P. and D. I know the guys on second shift a little. I don’t really know M. at all.

Either way, I have to go. Have a great morning and a safe commute, and as always, thanks for reading 😊

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