I am in a very silly, very happy mood.

I just am, okay? Don’t question it. Count your blessings.

I’m only kidding. But I am in a very good mood, that was no BS.

I’m laughing hysterically and waving hello at the turkeys who are right up at the windows, looking in here. I’ve never seen them do that, before. Until today I had only ever seen them walk around and peck the grass, out there.

Okay, they’ve moved on, now. Thank goodness, I was becoming self-conscious, eating my lunch in front of them.

I guess I’d better not bring leftovers right after Thanksgiving, huh?

They are teaching me how to scan and print labels. Yay!

I’m kind of glad I got here at 5:30, because that means I can be done at 2:00. I might hang out in the cafeteria or go to HR or both until 2:30, though, just so I can see what time I’d get home if I left here at 2:30.

I have a feeling I’ll still have plenty of time.

And, just like that, it’s already it’s time to go. Talk soon, my dear, lovely readers ❤️

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