I need to clean Aislyn’s room, but I am feeling tired.

But I really need to. It’s a pit.

Maybe I’ll just rest for a short time, then get up and do it.

There is also laundry.

I’m toying with the idea of wearing my regular clothes under my coworker’s company jacket. But I don’t know. If I really want an office job, maybe I’d better behave myself.

Who knows when one’s going to open up? I’m getting impatient.

I don’t want to leave. I like the company. They often promote from within.

I could be a safety assistant. I’m already on the committee. I wouldn’t mind telling people to wear their ear plugs. And compiling accident data. I could walk around with those Gemba guys. As long as I don’t have get up in front of everyone and make daily presentations or something.

And Gary is very good at what he does. I could learn a lot from him, I’m sure.

Leaving the WH, though, I’ll have to have a plan in place for that, so I won’t immediately start gaining weight. I could use my extra morning hours to do the bike. Sometimes I miss it.

I guess I probably better go start folding my Velveeta shirts.

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