At WW Early

I like to try to get a decent space, but the lot is already packed. I’m in the overflow.

For my locals, it’s the Best Western at the traffic circle, and it’s next door neighbor is the Roundabout Diner, which serves amazing breakfast…amazing everything.

And it’s Sunday morning.

I’ve seen people use the BW lot just to get into the restaurant and gotten quite irate about it. I feel like saying something to them, but I don’t.

And I usually don’t. What good does it do?

I will say something, though, when somebody illegally parks or leaves their shopping cart in a handicapped space. Not. Cool.

I haven’t gone in yet, so I haven’t weighed in, but I have drunk a lot of fluid today, so who knows?

I’m wearing a large pair of joggers, as opposed to extra large. They’re slightly tight in the belly, but still wearable. And a large is a 12/14. So there’s that.

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