Not a Cat Person

I wouldn’t call myself a cat person. I happen to have cats, and have never had my own dog. I love my Shane.

I would love a dog, too, though. Labs are my favorite breed. They are so friendly, good family dog. I’m to understand they shed like mad, but we already have that problem, here, anyway.

Another sweet dog is the greyhound. You get a rescue, they understand that you’ve rescued them, and they are little angels.

You need yard space, though. Probably for both breeds.

We don’t have a dog because we’ve never had the right amenities for one. Our backyard is tiny, the house is cozy, at least for a big dog. And we already have the two cats and two small children.

I kind of have to stop saying that, don’t I. Desmond is in 4th grade. He is officially no longer small.

Derek and Desmond are cat people. Aislyn is by far a dog person.

I’d say I’m an animal person. A both person. I love cats and dogs, maybe equally.

Do not ask me how I feel about ferrets, though.

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