Pizza Party

We had a little retirement celebration for my coworker. It was going to be Monday, but he’s only at work till 11:00 that day.

I had only one piece of pizza. And survived.

Another NSV today: my black jeans sagged on me a bit. I had to wear a belt to keep them up. A first for those particular pants.

My other two pairs of 16s were also saggy this week. Maybe I am a 14, now.

He gave me his company jacket. I wonder, if I wore that over my own clothes, would that count as the company shirt?

Come on, you guys, you know my own clothes are way better than the Velveeta shirt. Please don’t make me wear the Velveeta shirts.

I am kind of sad today. I think I will be really sad Monday afternoon.

I like the kid. I like the other guys okay. But I still miss my work fam.

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