Slow Morning

They’re not running rough foam red boxes today, and most of the boxes are pretty well-stocked right now.

I’ve just got to get someone to drop me some Mazda empties. Then I’ll have something to do.

When I came to the front of the WH, my old buddy was down there, talking to some other peeps. WH office guys.

Should I not say “peeps?” Am I too old?

Dark clothes today, which makes his hair look even darker.

I don’t know if he saw me.

Maybe he didn’t recognize me. Maybe he took one look at me and thought to himself, Why is Eddie Vedder working here?

The good news is, tomorrow is Friday. I can wear what I want.

I know, it’s not a fashion show. I just like to look as good as I possibly can at work. It didn’t always used to be that way. I used to just wear whatever, throw my hair in a very messy, ugly, greasy bun or ponytail because it’s a little too short to all stay back.

But I find I feel a lot better about myself when I try a little.

I still don’t do nuthin with my hair, though. I just wash, comb, air dry, and let it hang. I get bored of blow drying it. People laugh, but it’s true.

Makeup is the same. I use cover up for blemishes sometimes and that is it. I don’t have time for makeup. I think I wouldn’t apply it correctly, anyway, and look clownish. Or hookerish.

I am 80% happy for my old friend and just 20% jealous of him. He gets to look good whenever he wants and I don’t.

Maybe it is more like 70/30.

I’m kidding (kind of).

Must go now. Have a pleasant rest of your morning.

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