Other Things

I just got Desmond three pairs of ridiculously inexpensive pants. They’re Children’s Place, so reasonable quality. He’s hard on pants, and outgrows them quickly, length-wise, at least.

But he needs new pants. He’s getting so tall. I keep telling him: end of 5th grade, he’ll be taller than me. Of course, taller than me isn’t really that impressive.

I’ve never minded being short except that it can be really inconvenient at times, like when I can’t reach things. But it’s not one of the countless features I’m self-conscious about. Yes, I know I ended this sentence with a preposition.

When I was young and single, I could date all over the height spectrum. Not that I dated much.

No, there were a few guys in high school, a couple of guys during college, then Derek.

For years, I had a very hard time finding anyone who was interested in more than just the one thing.

Maybe it’s that age? Right around their peak. It’s all most of them can think about?

But I had an awareness about me. A philosophic doubt, if you will. Nobody was able to con me into anything I later regretted.

Once again, I have crossed into an area I’m not that comfortable expounding on. Must back out, now.

Well, it’s 5:23, so I have to go. Have a swell morning and a sweet commute. Thanks for reading 🙏

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