More Weird Dreams on the Couch

That eggplant sub was probably twice the points I tracked for it. It was huge-mongous. At least I tracked it.

16,000 steps yesterday. My OT recommended a smaller water bottle; I had been using a 32 oz, which was huge for my little hand. So I’ve gone down to a 16 oz, and I go through it in no time. So that’s a lot more walking to the water cooler.

Then there’s that one project they’re doing. Although yesterday I only wheeled out one returnable. Unusual.

There’s another briefing today. First thing.

The kid is good on the tugger.

I thought I had a ton of thoughts to share this morning, but my brain must still be waking up, or something, because nothing’s coming.

Shane is so soft against my bare legs. Yes, I appreciate the little things, very much so.

Don’t mind my ample legs, or the chair that already needs replacing. Beige with little kids. What was I thinking?!

I should go. Have a good morning and a safe commute, my friends. Talk soon 💕

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