I was hoping to catch M after work today, but she’s tour-guiding.

D was there, though, so I got the orange shirts I needed. I just don’t understand the color. It’s not regular orange, which might’ve been okay, it’s, like, margarine orange. Not great.

But they want us wearing the shirts, especially over the next few days, because we have guests coming. I had to sit in the front row this morning in my little sweater and skin-tight, looooooow-neckline tank and miniskort while the CEO described proper work attire: long pants with no rips and the company shirts. Good job, Leah.

The size I got is probably much too big, but it’s what I asked for. If I have to wear t-shirts, I’m pretty sure oversized or baggy is the way to go. The blue ones were too tight by the end of August, and they looked bad.

I’ll just match them with baggy jeans. A slightly different look for me, but whatever. I’m not there to look good…I guess.

That’s why an office job would be so nice, though. Well, one of the reasons. I would have more leeway in dress. Ooh, dresses, I could wear my dresses!

Mostly, though, I have lots of skills I could be using in the office that I’m not using in the WH.

I’m hoping the DISC assessment will help me out. Everyone gets to take it. I’m pretty sure I’ve done it before, but I have to find the results on my laptop at home. It’s a workplace personality test. Maybe they can match my profile to a position they need.

Maybe they’d let me take it Friday afternoon. I’m fascinated by those types of tests.

Anyway, done in HR for now, so I’m going to go vote. Don’t worry, I don’t discuss politics on this blog, so I won’t tell you how I’m voting.

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