The briefing lasted an hour today. He is a great speaker, very engaging. But no matter who the speaker is, I have a terrible time sitting that long. I want to get up and move around, stretch my legs. Even just stand.

It’s weird, because I have no problem sitting at night. Oh, no, that’s not true at all! I have restless leg syndrome, too. I take Mirapex as needed. It helps a lot. Lately I take it almost nightly.

I’m such a space shot.

I get anxious to go back to work, too, after a while. I can only take so much information before it devolves into mush. In most cases. I guess it depends on the context. Some people I could listen to all day, hang on every word. I don’t have an appropriate example, just now.

And I have to go.

We are doing pizza next Monday. I asked. I am so glad to hear that.

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