My New Lock Screen

Why do I have myself on my Lock Screen instead of my kids?

No, I’m not a narcissist. This picture is from last January. Those of you who know me locally can see that I am a good 30 pounds lighter in this picture than I am currently.

I am using this picture as my “why reminder.” I am hoping I will see it and be more inclined to track my food and stay on plan.

It is also to remind me that, well, look at me, I look really good, right? And the picture wasn’t taken so very long ago. So maybe it won’t take that long to get back there.

It’s not my ultimate goal, but it’s a good deal closer.

So far, it’s worked well. I set it at some point yesterday.

Tan Fan has finally, finally taken the hint.

I have OT at 2:15 today. Which means I have to leave early, just a little.

I have five minutes left. Gonna go look at some stats. Talk later, my friends.

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