Derek’s leftover braised chicken salad. Not as good as mine last night, with sweet potato and guac. But that’s okay, it’s better than oatmeal.

I should’ve gone back to sleep this morning. I am so tired. At least I’m almost done. 1:00 today, because I have the hand specialist.

I don’t know if the headlights are working, but the bumper is reattached to my car. Hopefully the headlights work and I can drive it to and from work, just until I can get it fixed.

Thursday’s not bad, so far. A little slow, but other than that…

I hope there are some boxes down before I leave. Otherwise, there’s not going to be much to do for the last 45 minutes of my shift. I’ve peeled the bejesus out of all the labels, already.

I’ve only got a few more minutes left. Oops, no more minutes. Byeeee!

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