Go Ahead. Make My Day.

I had to go to the bathroom and figured I might as well get in the shower. So now I have a whole extra hour to myself to do whatever I please.

After 9, I seemed to sleep through the night. Switching to caffeine free at night really has helped. It doesn’t taste as good, but I’m not up all hours. Even better, I’m not up snacking.

While I’m not entirely certain of what to expect at the hearing, nothing, and I mean nothing, would surprise me.

I only say that because, as I get older and experience more life, I find that fewer and fewer events do surprise me. Particularly, the things people do, the way they behave, their motivations.

I find that most people are much more pragmatic than I am, than I hoped they would be. I don’t want to go into this any further, except to say that I’ve been hurt, disappointed, even betrayed by people I thought were my friends. It’s sweet to be trusting, but sometimes it comes back to bite you in the ass.

I guess what I’m saying in so many words is that I won’t be surprised by anything (or anyone) at this hearing.

So if you’re thinking you’re going to blow my mind, you are mistaken.

You can look and look all day everyday (and all night) if you want for evidence, reluctant testimony. Go nuts. I have nothing to hide.

See for yourself.

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