Wednesday Morning

I realized this morning that I went all yesterday without meds. It was still a good day, though.

Here I sit, beverages on my table, light shining, Shane on my lap. Very nice. This is one of my favorite times of day.

I wonder what adventures await today.

I do have to go to HR. The Eyelation place needs more information about my prescription, for some reason. And I’m going to have to get my points fixed. But maybe not today, because I have to get the kids off the bus.

I’m not really losing weight. I’m up one week and down the next. Even though I’m getting all this exercise. Of course, I’m also not gaining. I’m stable. Before the WH, I was steadily gaining.

I can’t tell if I look any different. I’ll think I do, but then I’ll catch myself in a mirror or see myself in the background of a picture and be like, nope.

I know I at least feel better about myself than I did a few months ago.

I got up later than usual, just before 6:00, so it’s a little different. Everyone is up now, and it’s noisy.

I’d better get going. It’s not going so well with Aislyn, sounds like she had an accident.

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