Sitting Outside Early

I didn’t want to sit down in the house, get comfortable and possibly fall asleep in my chair, so I’m out here waiting for the bus, well before I have to be.

But it’s nice out, anyway.

I forgot we still have to go pick up Derek, and I’ve removed certain clothing that I often take off pretty soon after I get home (a lot of women do, so don’t judge me). Now I have to decide if I’m willing to take the chance of being seen by any of Derek’s coworkers when I get out of the car to get into the passenger seat.

I make him drive when we’re in the car together. It’s a long story. Well, it isn’t, really, but I don’t want to tell it.

So, today was an okay day. Slightly boring.

I’m glad the other guys are starting to get to know me a little better. Like, they actually chat with me a bit, now. Except the one who looks like he’s probably in his thirties. I think he just has no interest. But that’s fine, no reason why he would. He’s polite and helpful enough.

I’m allowed to say those things, right?

No one has still actually told me what I can and cannot say. I’m just trying to figure it out on my own, for now.

Aislyn will need the bathroom before we pick up Derek, but other than that, I figure we’ll pretty much get right in the car. Poor kids. Bus for 30 minutes (at least), then car for another 30. Neither of them like car rides.

At least it won’t be more than twice a week.

I might ask if I can stay until 4:00 tomorrow to make up for some of my hours. Because I may have to go in late Friday, too, if I still don’t have my car. As of Monday afternoon, she hadn’t even been able to look at it.

I’m guessing most or all of our tax return will go to repairs, which really sucks, because we had plans for it. I guess that’s what happens when you’re irresponsible, though. Consequences.

Well, I didn’t mean to end on a down note, but now I’ve got to go. Talk later.

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