OT Today

Those poor ladies. I feel like I tell them my whole life story while I’m in there. Well, I pretty much do. But it’s interesting, I think, for them. And therapeutic for me.

I forget why, but I told them the story of blurting out, “No, I’m just sweaty,” at work last week. They thought that was hilarious. I do not think it’s very funny, but I’m glad other people see the humor.

It would be funny, I suppose, if it hadn’t happened to me.

Also not funny? Blushing. One guy I was hardcore crushing on years ago used to point it out whenever it happened, and it annoyed me to no end. But I think he might’ve liked it. I got the feeling he thought it was cute.

I’ve gone late again today. But 12:00 seems like a very good time to go. It breaks up the afternoon better, anyway. Before I know it, there’s an hour left of work. An hour before but my peanut butter cup iced coffee.

It sounds gross, but it’s actually very good, I assure you.

I’ve got about three more minutes, and can’t think what else to write, but as always, thanks for reading ❤️

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