And the Busiest Beaver Award Goes to…

Me. No, not really. But I’ve been nonstop with one particular make this morning. Getting a lot of steps in. Getting my sweat on, too, unfortunately. Yuck.

But don’t tell anyone.

I got spoken to by…errr, the one who doesn’t talk to me that much. Well, not so much spoken to as gestured at (not obscenely) for not having my hat. I know, I mouthed back, I’m sorry.

The Gemba guys were right there. Oops.

I make a lot of excuses, but the truth is, I need to figure out a way to make it stay on my head. It does fall off all the time, won’t stay put. I think it must be my hair. I tried it backwards, but that didn’t help.

The helmet’s the same. And it’s hotter on my head.

Bobby pins? Paper clips? Velcro? Ouch!

Surely, this is vague enough?

And, my insurance friends, if you’re following me, you should know that it is all from a touch screen on my phone, and I spend about 30 minutes a day on it. Maybe.

Compare that to 40 hours a week of manufacturing/ production work over 7 months and it seems pretty minor. At least in my estimation.

Back to it.

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