I don’t know how clear I was about this earlier, but I am down 2.8 pounds this week. So at least there’s that.

The kids have trick or treat tonight. In the neighborhood and at Gramma’s. I just got a trick, I guess, because of my car and the resulting headache.

You know, because the crash itself wasn’t bad enough. I also have to suffer through Halloween with a migraine.

Sorry for being so negative. I will take a cute picture to make up for it. Of the kids; not me.

At least the guy I crashed into was very nice. I cried and cried, and he just kept saying how it was okay, no one got hurt, etc. His whole family was nice.

I’ve had run-ins with not-so-nice people, too. I tapped this woman’s bumper in a parking lot, and she came barreling out of the Xfinity store, yelling “WHAT did you do to my car?” And telling me to learn how to drive.

I stood up to her, though. I told her to learn how not to be rude.

I’m a nice person, but if you’re totally nasty to me, I’m probably gonna tell you where to go.

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