Are You Down?

I dunno if you are, but I am.


You thought I was talking about the other thing, didn’t you. Shame on you. Get your mind out of the gutter.

It was just a weigh and go today, Kimmy is out sick, and Deb didn’t have time to get prepared to cover the workshop.

I can’t imagine applying to be a guide (checking in members, weighing, 1:1 counseling) and then winding up having to lead the workshop if the leader is out. Deb does a good job, though.

Sometimes I think I could lead WW workshops. Other times, I think, I can’t get up and talk for 5 minutes, how in hell would I manage half an hour?

But I don’t know. Maybe I could do WW.

I’m just in the TJX parking lot right now. I’m waiting for Sun Tan City to open at 11:00, rather than going home and then turning right around and going back out. I might go in and get scrunchies, though. To tie back my hair underneath the shower cap they give you.

I always forget to bring a scrunchy for tanning.

NIN-Closer is on Spotify. Help me think of somebody else, I wanna—

Yeah, sorry, can’t keep singing it. For you non-Gen-Xers, it’s naughty.

There’s this song by Queens of the Stone Age, Skin on Skin, that is so dirty, you can’t even get it on Spotify.

It’s like audio porn lmao.

Okay, this post is going away pretty much right after it’s published, so enjoy it while you can.

Can you tell I’m in a very weird mood?

I’m going to go find a scrunchy now. Talk later. Hopefully, for your sake, I’ll be a little less weird by then.

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