The Post that is Not Really About Coffee

I’m meeting a friend for coffee today. I’m looking forward to it. It’s been a very long time since I’ve met anyone for coffee or a drink. Last time was July 2021. I was just starting my weight loss journey. Kind of like now.

One of my coworkers lost 30 pounds switching from production to warehouse. Men do lose a lot of weight when they really try. I’ve still only lost about 10 pounds since the end of August. But that’s because I haven’t really been tracking.

Even this week, I have stuff pretracked, but then I ate more than was in my original plan and did not really track any of the additional foods. So, I may or may not have a modest loss on the scale tomorrow.

I’m waiting for Derek to return from the gym, so I can shower, and then we’re supposed to do something, I don’t know what. It feels like he’s been gone a while, but I guess, if he left at around 9:00, drove to Portsmouth and back, did a workout in between, it all adds up.

I just don’t know how much time we’re going to have to do something, if I have to leave here at 1:30.

But the gym is a good thing. He’s supposed to lose 20 pounds to stop the snoring. He saw a sleep doctor last March, who said he had mild sleep apnea. He didn’t recommend a CPAP or a guard, just lose 20 pounds. Which is all well and good, it’s just that losing weight takes longer than either of those other two things.

His work friend suggested I wear ear plugs. But I’m afraid I would ignore or not hear my alarm in the morning. Besides, isn’t that just a Band-aid? I say, correct the problem at the source! But I’m no expert.

I’m starting to get hungry. I did eat six hours ago.

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