Before I Forget

Loose threads and pulls on clothes drive me crazy. I know I’m probably the only one who notices them, but still. I’m feeling, right now, like I need to get up out of my chair and get the damn scissors. Before I forget.

That’s better.

I also hate lint and pet hair. Our dryer is old, and it’s not really doing its job of filtering out all that stuff, so I end up having to lint roll all my clothes.

Ah, first world country problems.

As you might have guessed, I have actual problems, I just don’t necessarily discuss them all, here. But even my worst problems still pale in comparison to what’s going on in the rest of the world, so I probably shouldn’t complain.

Yes, if I think globally, I feel very, very small in deed.

On a more positive note, my skirt feels slightly looser today than it has in a very long time. This week has been pretty good, because, as I said, I haven’t been out of bed all hours. Definitely the cutback in caffeinated soda.

My hands hurt a little today. I was naughty and left my splints off overnight. After I come back from the bathroom, I sometimes forget to put them back on, and then I’m too lazy (or too tired) to get back out of bed and get them off my dresser.

I will not flout the system. x2000. Touch screen only.

If I leave now, I can be to work early. But I’m not done my coffee, yet.

Have a good morning and a safe commute. Thank you for everything ❤️ ♥️ 💜

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