Forgot Again

I forgot to tell anyone about OT today. So I’m just going to go in, tell them, and leave at 7:30, I guess. Probably what I should’ve done last week, too.

I slept in a little this morning. Slept mostly through the night, though.

My pre-tracking plan has been somewhat effective. We’ve eaten the dinners I’ve got down in the app, rather than ordering. Still snacking over and above what’s in the app, but my weight is staying down. It’s got to be all those steps. I been busy!

The skirt I have on today doesn’t want to stay up. Had to tie it tighter.

I wonder what happens when employees retire. Does someone organize a retirement party? I haven’t heard of any. Seems weird. Seems like someone should. But who? Me? Oops.

I’m not good at stuff like that. That’s not entirely true. We planned a beautiful wedding. Nice birthday party for Desmond and all of his kindergarten friends.

But this would be totally awkward for me.

I don’t think it’s up to me, though. I haven’t been around that long.

Is this the kind of thing that could get me in trouble? Discussing it, I mean? Am I being evasive enough?

The funny thing is that it really hasn’t even been addressed. I’m kind of just waiting.

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