So Hot

I had a hard time sleeping because I couldn’t get cool. I spent half the night on the couch, dreaming of intruders, while the cats chased each other around the house and crashed loudly into things.

So I’m in a skort today. I was in jeans yesterday and all but dying. So humid.

I’ve been to the doctor, and bloodwork is all normal, no thyroid problems. I’m guessing it’s meds and caffeine that make me this way.

Mom said she missed me, and I’m realizing I haven’t been around much. Especially since the kids are in school now, I don’t see her very often. And I’ve been sort of stuck in my own head for the last couple of months, too. That happens to me sometimes.

I have at least two people I desperately have to call back, my friend and my aunt. I think it’s been over a year since I’ve talked to Chloe.

The nice thing about work right now is that I don’t take the work home with me. When I’m done at 2:00, I’m done for the day. But I guess I never minded taking work home that much. As long as I could manage to get it done.

It’s a bit trickier with kids, though. That’s why I hesitate to go back to school right now, even though I could go for free. I still think HR would be fascinating. Learning about organizational behavior and different personality types.

I probably could’ve been a psych major, but the intro class was too early for me, and I fell asleep in the hot lecture hall everyday and only got a C for the semester.

Oh, it was awful. My notes would devolve into scribbles and drop off the page. I’d still have sleep marks on my face. One day, the professor held up my arm and said, “We have a pulse!” I mean, it’s funny, now, but…

Anyway, I’m going to go, so I can get to work on time today. There’s nothing like having a few extra minutes before work to chill and get yer shit together. It really makes a difference.

Have a lovely day, friends. Thanks for reading ❤️

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