This is my second day of the 5-can soup. Yesterday I was hungry after a couple of hours. I hope I fare better today, because I have OT at 3:00.

How come the only things that work for me don’t work for me? I was a rockstar with the protein shakes until they messed up my stomach. And eggs work well, too, when they haven’t gone bad.

I can’t really think of anything else I could do. Nuts?

Maybe I need to bring an afternoon snack and eat it before I leave here. Probably nuts.

I wish I could say more things about my day. Well, here’s a couple of general, harmless (as far as I know) statements.

Home made pumpkin bread is good!

I almost banged into the gate this morning because I was distracted by…I was distracted, let’s leave it at that. Totally not looking where I was going.

I’m almost certain it’s time to see the eye doctor. Last visit was 2021.

This post is very lame, and now I have to go. Talk later.

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