The Wrong Trousers

I put on what I thought were one pair of pants, and turned out to be another I forgot I had. I don’t even know what size these are.

I’m unhappy with the shape of my face, today. So round. I thought I was finally starting to show some progress. Nope.

I’m waiting my turn for my hair. Almost time.

I feel badly, because the place where I go, I’ve had them all, and like them all. I’m afraid one will take it personally if I have an appointment with the other.

I’m sure they’re probably fine, though.

My hair came out well, I think. I like it.

It’s a beautiful, beautiful day. We should be out, doing something. I’m so tired today. I went back to sleep twice and I still feel like I could sleep again.

I hope I don’t have COVID again. This is exactly what happened.

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