As of Someone Gently Rapping

I lied. I got under a blanket, Shane curled up on my leg, and I fell asleep on the couch. The kids are up, now.

I just had some fruit salad. The red grapes were the best part.

I think I keep hearing quiet knocking on the window of the front door. It’s really freaking me out. Is somebody out there?

I think it’s just the kids, playing.

I’m still under the blanket, too lazy to investigate.

Pretty soon I’ve got to feed the kids and then start cleaning. This house is a hole, right now. But Desmond is going to get his own breakfast, so really, I only have to feed Aislyn, and she just got up.

The fruit salad was a small NSV, because I could’ve had monster cereal. Another NSV is that I ate most of the fruit I bought last Sunday, if not as late night snacks.

August and September are clear.

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