Still Ruminating

September is all clear. I just know how workplaces are about their employees discussing work on social media: they don’t like it. So I’m removing almost all the work-related posts I’ve written.

I’m also embarrassed of some of them. I truly didn’t think they would be read by anyone from work, and especially not management. I have this picture in my mind of my subscribers as being either family and friends or people who don’t know me at all.

I also think my blog is much easier to find, now, than it used to be.

I’m just going to keep scouring until it’s all clean, all the way back into February. Sad.

In my defense, I haven’t said anything really bad about anyone named, and I haven’t said anything that wasn’t true.

I’m just really curious as to how they found out about it. Who would’ve told them? Who would do that? And why?

Can I honestly think of no one?

This sounds silly, but I’ve just realized I didn’t lay out my clothes for today, I’ve been that upset about this.

I’m so tired I can’t even keep my eyes open.

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