Mmmm, chili.

I did say I wanted something spicier.

My busy streak continues throughout the morning.

I don’t have much to say that isn’t work-related, seeing as I’m at work, right now. I can say that fat free cheddar is gross.

Almost worth it to just use a smidgeon of regular cheddar, instead of the fat free crap. A little cheddar goes a long way—kaPOW!

I’m ready for the end of the day. Ready to get out, get my two sips of Dunkin’ and go home.

I have a haircut tomorrow for the first time since the beginning of the summer. I noticed the other day that it was getting long.

Can I say this? New Guy didn’t show up today. Unless they put him somewhere else. That’s general enough, isn’t it?

I’m not sure that anyone here is mad at me for the blog. No one has even addressed it with me. Thus far.

I haven’t really said anything wrong. Unless, like the insurance company, they think I’m being dishonest, trying to fault work for the carpal tunnel. But I’m not being dishonest. I do think work caused it. I don’t do enough of the other things to cause carpal tunnel.

And I wasn’t lying to insurance. It didn’t even occur to me to list my two hour a month (if that) internship or this blog as activities. I use speech to text as often as I can, anyway.

I’ll explain that when I appeal.

Have to go. Thanks for reading.

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