Uh Oh

Why my claim was denied: they pretty much accused me of lying about my “extracurricular activities.” I didn’t tell them I was a copywriter intern or, according to my employer, that I have a blog I write for “almost daily.” They think I can’t prove it was work that caused the carpal tunnel.

What this means: I can appeal the denial, which I will do. My internship is maybe two hours a month. My blog is composed from a touch screen.

What else this means: I don’t think I need to privatize. But I won’t be writing much, if anything, about work, anymore. And a severe cleaning will be taking place. How humiliating.

I wonder if they just found my blog, or if somebody turned me in. Either way, I am completely and utterly horrified.

What a day this has been.

Now I have a doctor appointment.

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