Stuff I Have to Do Today

  • Contact that lady from Travelers who denied my claim and then didn’t bother to return my call
  • See Mickayla about claim, points, and glasses
  • Check in about Aislyn’s x-ray
  • Contact GI doctor about Desmond
  • Doctor appointment in Lee

Doctor isn’t until 4:30, but it’s almost not worth going home first, if I’ve got that much to do. I don’t know.

I didn’t sleep all that well, was up periodically, as usual. I’m not doing great about choosing fruit, either. I crave all the junk at night that I’m able to evade all day. Fudge rounds, cheese curls, just shit, pardon my French. But that’s what it is.

You can say don’t buy it, and I agree with you, except it’s not actually for me. I mooch it off the kids. Don’t judge me, those are their favorite snacks, they eat healthy foods, too: string cheese, yogurt, apples, fruit cups, etc.

I floated the idea of not getting fudge rounds, anymore. It did not go over well. I do have Desmond lock them away, though, and that does help. They are 12 points a piece.

It’s just a matter of getting him to do it right away. If he doesn’t, I guarantee you, I get into them.

So I’m still not really doing that well with the plan. Only in the day time. I must burn off a lot of what I eat at night, because I’m not gaining like I was. But I’m not consistently losing, either.

Sometimes, I get as many as 14,000 steps a day. It’s such a waste that I’m still unable to stop myself from eating total crap at night. The fruit is there, now. I am choosing this behavior.

Oh, yes, I own this for sure. It is down to me.

Well, my friends, I have to go for now. Drive safely. Have a good morning. Thanks for reading my wee hour ramblings.

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