Down 4.2 this week. Somehow, I got my 25-pound milestone, too.

I’m just realizing I forgot my topical face medication again. D’OH!

I don’t know how I did it this week, seriously. It’s a Halloween miracle!

I usually do okay at Halloween, believe it or not. It’s only one day, no one trick-or-treats on our street, so we don’t have to buy candy. And I keep the kids’ candy in Tupperware in the cabinet. And it’s not there long, they go through it faster than I like to admit.

It’s Christmas I’m worried about. Although last year, I was a rockstar through the whole holiday season, if memory serves.

It’s totally freezing in here, everyone is wearing their jackets, except me. I’m in summer clothes and sweating.

There’s a new member, just a kid. He’s in high school, applied early to college. He’s such a little sweetheart. So articulate.

As a mom, now, I find I really just love kids of all ages. I hope my kids are like this one as teens. He’s lovely.

Anyway, I should go now. Workshop starting. Don’t want to be rude. Talk later ❤️

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