Today’s NSV

There’s this pair of jeans I have in three sizes because I like them so much: 22, 18, and 16. I discovered that the 16s now fit me. So, yay!

Desmond has not decided what to do, yet, but dinner is early and cemetery is tomorrow, so those are out.

There’s a lot of things I have trouble with, right now that I learn about everyday. For example, today I learned that I shouldn’t color for very long.

Miniature golf might be tricky, too.

I went mini golfing one time on a date in high school. I won. I believe I also won a free game, that night. But there were no mini golf dates after that one; not with that guy, because we broke up in the messiest possible way.

It was kind of my fault, but he was also a total d*ck to me.

Maybe he was mad because I beat him at mini golf.

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