Mini Golf

Desmond and I had lunch at Riverbend. Then we went miniature golfing in Somersworth. I think he had a good time, for the most part. He was annoyed with me for stopping at Dunk’s on the way home, but I told him to be thankful for lunch and golf, and that he shouldn’t say anything about the part of the trip he didn’t like.

He did thank me for golf.

When Desmond was littler, he had some pretty significant behaviors, so teaching basic good manners took a major backseat, but he’s getting better, now.

The golf course was really nice. Lots of fall leaves and exotic plants. There was a little leafless bush with twisty branches that I liked a lot.

It was nice to be outside. We ate outside, also. I had a small veggie sub with a couple pieces of provolone and no oil, mayo, anything like that. No chips or fries.

I’m trying to decide now if it’s worth it to tan my legs for this week. It’s going to be cooler, but not cold. Not so cold I won’t probably wear shorts or skirts some days. It only takes a few minutes, I just need to summon the whatever to get back up and into the car again.

I’m wearing my UNH communications major t-shirt. Derek got it for me as a joke, but I really was a communications major. Lots of content/ copywriter jobs require a communications or English degree. English was my other major.

My freshman English professor said I should be a writer. She was right; the only problem is, you have to actually do it if you want to succeed at it.

I started with editing because I think deep down I didn’t really believe that I could write professionally. Now I know I can, but it’s really hard to get a writing job because, I guess, a lot of people either can or believe they can write. For every remote opening, there are hundreds, sometimes even thousands of applicants.

I did get interviewed with seven other finalists for one publication. Out of over a thousand applicants. I just wasn’t the lucky one.

I go through cycles of aggressively applying for jobs and then just not even looking for a while. I’m content just to keep losing weight in the WH for a while.

Well, sort of.

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