You Proof

Rick listens to country. Or, as Joss Whedon would call it, “the music of pain.”

I’m too polite to ask him to change the station to 90’s alternative.

Dale listens to grunge/ alternative. He had the radio on one day in his office, and I said, “Ooh, Soundgarden.” But he just said, “Yeah,” and changed the subject.

Some people feel effortless to talk to. I think those are usually the extroverts. There is something to that whole opposites thing on the Myers-Briggs.

But I digress. Remember the country music topic I started? No?

Well, there’s this country song playing that goes, “I need something you-proof,” and the singer laments that he doesn’t have anything strong enough to forget her.

I have to smile. “You-proof” sounds like something I would write. Not the whole song, just the concept.

Maybe I should go into business writing country music. I’d make a sh*t load if I was really good at it, which I’ll bet I would be, cus I’m all about the pain 😉

What can I say? Writing makes me happy. Talk later ❤️

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