Definitely Up Today

I’ve had soda, coffee, more soda, huge pumpkin muffin before weigh-in, so it’s not pretty today.

We talked about transitioning from summer to fall, and whether it’s easier or harder on peoples’ journeys. Last year, it was nothing for me. I just kept on losing, right through.

This year, I had just barely gotten started back on the right track, and it seems like about the time fall hit, it all fell apart again.

I just need to track. That’s all. I’ll do fine.

Pumpkin muffins are 19 points. I’m already done for the day. This is why tracking can be hard. I still have lunch, dinner, and any snacks to track. It’s going to be bad.

But I guess I’ll do it, anyway. If I’m really going to commit to the program, and not undo all the work I’ve done in the WH all week, I need to.

I always say these things every Sunday, then I don’t follow through.

There’s a possibility that follow through is a problem for me.

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